Heavenly Pistachio Layer Cake

fullsizeoutput_8ba2When this type of cake hit the Cyprus market, we all went nuts. It was the most welcomed gift at any dinner party. Whenever we offered to bring dessert at a gathering, we rushed to the newly established cake shop “La Parfait” and bought a “Pistachio” as a gift to our hosts. The motive being of course, we got to eat it too! Continue reading

Strawberry Pavlova

94494C61-27F1-4EAF-8E8D-94AFA46B0ACAThe most summery dessert. Strawberries are a spring delight here in Cyprus. Mild winters and gorgeous springs are ideal conditions for this delicious fruit to grow and ripen. Summer is a time for cherries and peaches and grapes and other lovely things. You can improvise and make this dessert with whatever fruit you fancy. Continue reading

Aniseed and Almond Biscotti


Little crunchy bites of deliciousness. Aromatic, buttery, packed with almonds, these biscotti are the best coffee time treats. They keep forever in a biscuit tin and they are the best solution to quarantine snacking. Be creative: make them as sweet as you like, replace almonds with pistachios or hazelnuts, dip half of them in dark or white chocolate. Do whatever tickles your taste buds. Bake some. You deserve it. Continue reading