galatia pamporidi

About me

Hi! I’m Galatia. A Cypriot mom of three boys (four including my husband) who lives in the kitchen. I am a food blogger, cookbook author and TV chef. I have two dogs, 4 cats and a parrot (I don’t like birds in cages but this was a rescue mission!).

My grandfather was a chef. I don’t really know if that’s where my passion for cooking comes from. What I do know is that I love everything about it. I have a lovely sister with whom I share the same passion and whenever we meet in the kitchen, the real fun begins. Before our parents left this Earth, we met regularly for coffee and “koulourakia” (Greek cookies) at their house. My dad used to quietly leave the room and let us and our lovely mum, go on for hours, sharing recipes and coming up with new ones.

In another life, I was a graphic designer by profession, but decided to quit my job after baby number one arrived. Actually it was number one and two together! Twins. I still love to create so I started decorating cakes for fun, which eventually turned into a part time profession. So I started “Cloud 9 Cakes

That was 4 years of hard work and so much fun!

My cooking career begun, when I started writing recipes for two local cooking magazines, “Taste” and “Xryses Syntages” (translating to Golden Recipes). That gave me the incentive to create new things and experiment with new ingredients. My proudest moment was my first cookbook, published in 2016. My blog followed and a second cookbook in 2018.

I have been a TV chef since 2017. I am hosting a daily TV cooking show, first with my dear friend Chryso Lefou, then on my own.

I started this blog, as I always share my recipes with great joy. Please feel free to email me just to say hi, or with any questions that could make your cooking life easier. I hope you will enjoy my recipes as much as I enjoyed cooking them.

Go on. Cook it up!