Gorgeous Crumbled Phyllo Cheese Pie (Patsavourotyropita)

photo by Andreas Spyrou

I created this beautiful pie while preparing for a photo shoot. My very talented food stylist Roula, had a momentary artistic block. This gave me time to grab the phyllo from the fridge and start cooking. Since I didn’t have much time, I had to create something quick and fuss free. So this pie couldn’t be easier. It’s delicious, creamy, full of tasty cheese and absolutely gorgeous.
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Apple Tahini Galette

apple galette

Some people say, that if you want to sell your house, throw an apple pie in the oven when the buyers arrive. The smell is so inviting, so cozy, so homey, so unbelievably mouthwatering. This galette is no exception. In fact it comes with a little surprise.

apple galette topHidden between the apples and the buttery pastry, lies a thin sweet layer of tahini, mixed with honey and cinnamon and sprinkled with crunchy walnuts. Continue reading

Peach and Cherry, Almond Galettes


Look at these beauties. One would think I spent hours in the kitchen kneading but truth is, they couldn’t be easier. They are so much simpler than tarts as they don’t require blind baking. Basically you make the dough entirely in the food processor (you only need to know how to use the “pulse” function), roll it into a rough circle, add your topping and bake. That’s it. Seriously. Continue reading

Leek Pie


A vegetarian’s lucky day! Although I’m a sworn carnivore, I would never say no to a veggie pie for lunch, dinner or, oh yes, breakfast. The abundance of fresh vegetables in Cyprus makes it so easy for us to eat and cook creative dishes using all kinds of greens. I chose leeks for this recipe as I like their sweet taste. Resist the temptation to buy ready made pie pastry. Making your own is so worth the extra effort. Continue reading

Lahmajoun – Armenian Flatbreads with Meat

Lahma means meat, ajin means dough. Go figure!
Lahma means meat, ajin means dough. Go figure!

«Lahm» means meat and «ajin» means dough. Not much can go wrong with this combination. Lahmajoun is part of a treasured childhood memory. Whenever my mom brought home these spicy,meaty flatbreads, my sister and I would leap with joy. Years later, my sister and I decided to learn how to make them ourselves. Armenians use mostly beef mince, while Turks use lamb. We used a combination of the two and it worked very well. However the key ingredient to this fantastic dish is sweet red pepper paste. This paste is not very easy to find but its very easy to make. Check out my recipe for red pepper paste if you feel like making some. You don’t have to, if you havent got the time, but this paste adds «magic». While they bake, slice a lot of lemons. As soon as they are out of the oven, let them cool a little, then squeeze some lemon, wrap, eat, repeat. Continue reading