Raw Beet and Kale Salad

beet salad 2.jpgI’ve always wanted to use raw beets in a salad and this one is becoming one of my favourites. Slice them very thinly (that’s the key really) and the earthy flavor of this colourful root vegetable will shine through. A sharp knife will not help you slice them paper thin, you really need a mandolin for this. If you don’t have one, grate the beets on the large holes of the grater. Continue reading

Whole-wheat pasta with mushrooms, walnuts, goat cheese and arugula



I love having all kinds of mushrooms at home. They are easy, quick and delicious as the main ingredient in soups, dips or salads. But they are out of this world amazing with whole-wheat pasta. It’s probably their earthy flavor that works so well with these absolutely delicious “Mitsides” fusilli. The walnuts add an extra crunch and extraordinary taste so don’t even think of leaving them out. Finish this dish with creamy goat cheese and fresh rocket leaves. A sprinkling of lemon zest is all you need together with a big bowl and a spoon. Continue reading

Olive-Oil Carrot Cake with Mascarpone Frosting

carrot cake.jpgI was so tempted to call this “best-ever carrot cake”, but I thought it sounded vain. Having said that, this IS the best ever carrot cake (I guess, if I just call it best-ever in the introduction, it doesn’t sound too vain, no?). Carrot cake has so many variations. Some make it with butter, others with oil. Some use canned pineapple in the batter, others use coconut. I tried many versions and I think this one is the best. Since I live in the mediterranean, I find it more appropriate to use olive oil instead of sunflower oil. I don’t like using coconut as I think the taste is overpowering. Instead of raisins, I grated an apple which gives it extra moisture and taste. Continue reading