Whole Orange Cake with Chocolate Chunks


whole orange cake2.jpgYou can definitely say I’m going through an orange phase. With so many juicy oranges and mandarins this season, it’s hard to resist not experimenting with these lovely citrus fruits.

I wanted to make a really “orangey” orange cake. One that doesn’t just have the aroma of orange zest but a more substantial, intense orange flavour. So I boiled a whole orange. Continue reading

Tahini Chocolate Rolls


This is a variation of my tahini cinnamon rolls. I took an instagram challenge to create something exciting and delicious using chocolate. I don’t know if I this is the grand prize winning entry but it sure is a winner in my house. Tahini and chocolate go so well together. The orange accent in the syrup and a touch of salt in the filling make these rolls almost addictive. You can make the dough in the bowl of a food processor for speed. Continue reading

Olive Oil, Banana Bread


banana cake.jpg

I don’t really know whether this should be called bread or cake. But considering I eat it for breakfast, I feel less guilty calling it bread. There are so many ways to make banana bread/cake. Some make it with butter, others with oil. I chose olive oil for my version, again for less guilt. But olive oil really works and keeps this cake moist and flavorful. Walnuts have a nice crunch and if you are not too keen on using cinnamon, zest it with some orange or lemon zest. My guess, you’ll be eating it for breakfast too. Continue reading

Grapes and “Commandaria” Cake

grape cake2.jpg

I am fortunate enough to live in a country that produces some of the most amazing grape varieties. When I was little, my parents had a huge vine, which produced the best ever “veriko” grapes. I remember those huge bunches of round purple grapes, so sweet and incredibly crisp. Once in your mouth it’s like a bursting, heavenly, sweet juice ball. Rumour has it that “veriko” takes it’s name from the union of two English words, “very-good”, which were abbreviated by the locals to “veriko”. But another research shows that “veriko”is named after the Italian region whence it came in the 1840s. Continue reading