Green Vegetable Frittata

frittata copy.jpg

I could also call this dish “empty-your-fridge frittata”. I had so many greens; I was either going to start stuffing courgettes or throw everything in a pan and make a frittata. The second seemed like the obvious choice since it’s far less time consuming. But it was also the right choice as this dish came out so delicious. It’s so full of healthy greens like courgettes, spinach, spring onions and green beans, with tangy feta and grated halloumi. Serve it with a bright, cherry tomato salad and you have a fantastic brunch, lunch or dinner. Continue reading

Roasted, Stuffed Courgettes (Zucchini) with Mushrooms, Bulgur wheat and Feta


I think most Cypriots who cook, like to stuff veggies. Aubergines, vine leaves, courgette flowers, cabbage, onions, tomatoes the list is endless. Whatever has a cavity, it can be filled with all sorts of goodies like rice, mince or veggies. Of course, if there is no cavity we can always create one. And we do it because we know that stuffed food, if done wright, tastes and looks spectacular. Continue reading

Savory Courgettes and Cheese loaf


zucchini loaf.jpg

In the older days, all Cypriot housewives had a family recipe for this cheesy cake, which was mostly done with “halloumi” since it was readily available and always in their fridge. My mom still makes it like that. She flavours it with a lot of fresh mint and one bite of this cake brings me back to my childhood in an instant. At some point in my culinary adventures, my friend Myrna, a brilliant cook (who also happens to be my culinary soul-mate), gave me another recipe for this cake. Besides the “halloumi”, she adds feta and edam cheese. The result is a denser cake with tangy bites of feta cheese and the creaminess of the edam. It’s absolutely delicious. Continue reading

Courgettes Soup with Parmesan Crisps

courgettes soup.jpg

What’s not to like about courgettes? Fry them, stuff them, mash them, bake them, they always come out right. Courgettes pair beautifully with cheese. The saltiness and sharp taste of cheese gives them a great flavour kick. I used parmesan and gruyere to flavour my soup and it came out great. But the really wow factor here, are the parmesan crisps. They are salty and crunchy and insanely good with this soup. I garnished with toasted pine nuts and pesto-oil and served with extra grated parmesan for my guests to serve themselves. Real comfort food. Continue reading