Creamy Strawberry Trifle

strawberry trifle.jpgThe trifle; one of the most wonderful creamy desserts ever created. Just think of these four layers of heaven: a. the soft sponge soaked in deliciously fresh fruit juices, b. the vibrant, sweet, juicy fresh fruits c. the dreamy layer of heavenly vanilla cream and d. a soft white cloud of whipped cream. That to me, is a dessert I want to eat straight from the bowl, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continue reading

The Easiest (and absolutely delicious) Strawberry Cream Dessert

strawberry cream 3.jpgShow me one person who doesn’t like strawberries and cream. Ok, maybe there is one out there but not in this household. Spring in Cyprus is like strawberry bliss. They are red, sweet and juicy, an absolute dream. I wanted to honour this delicious fruit with something more than just a dollop of sweetened whipped cream, but something equally easy to prepare; a foolproof dessert you can whip up a few hours before your friends come to dinner. Continue reading

Mandarin Bavarois


mandarin bavaroisThis dessert is like a soft orange cloud of sweetness. The base is store-bought ladyfinger biscuits (savoiyardi) dipped in milk and then sprinkled with roughly chopped walnuts. The cream is a vanilla bavarois flavoured with the fragrance of mandarins and the topping is basically mandarin juice and sugar mixed with gelatin to create a thin topping of mandarin jelly. Continue reading