Shin of Beef Bourgignon

bourgignon2Beef braised for hours in wine is, I think, a fool proof recipe. Not to mention all the free time you have in your hands while the beef is baking. This recipe is based on the french dish «boeuf bourgignon», only I used shin of beef instead of beef cubes without the bone. The bone marrow is what gives this dish it’s delicious taste and richness. Serve with buttery, mashed potatoes. Continue reading

Beef Tenderloin with Wine Mushroom Sauce

beef fillet.jpgNow, here’s an all-time classic. My mom used to make this when I was growing up. Only, back then, fresh mushrooms were not available at the grocery store. I am so thankful that now, fresh mushrooms are so easy to find. Button mushrooms, oyster, portobello almost any variety is easy to purchase from your local fruit shop. A great sauce to your tenderloin can be the star of your dinner menu and this one is a classic. Continue reading

Rich Beef Curry with Potatoes

beef-curry2 copy.jpgIf you love a good, fragrant curry, then put away your store-bought curry powder. Use freshly ground spices like cumin, turmeric and coriander, dry fry them in a pan and smell the difference. In fact, that’s the only thing you will fry in this recipe. To cook the meat you only need to simmer it in coconut milk, together with fragrant spices. Your blender will do most of the work. Continue reading