The “magical” Red Pepper Paste

Red pepper paste is a key ingredient for authentic “lahmajoun” (armenian flatbreads)

My sister Myranda, who incidently lives in her kitchen too, one day gave me a small jar of something that looked a lot like tomato paste, only it was brighter in colour. I remember she said to me «this paste is magical». And how right she was. The sweet taste and aroma of this paste will lift any tomato based dish to another level. Tomatoes have acidity which is usually nutralized by the addition of a little sugar. One teaspoon of sweet red pepper taste is enough to make any tomato sauce sweeter without the sugar. Red pepper paste is widely used in armenian and turkish cuisine and it’s a necessary ingredient in cooking authentic «Lahmajoun», the delicious meaty flatbreads. Spend some time in the kitchen and make a small jar of red pepper paste. It will add magic to your dishes. Continue reading