Aromatic Burgers with Tahini


As a child I could hardly eat anything without tahini sauce. I still love it as a dip or sauce on nearly everything. Tahini paste makes really great sweets as well. Like the all time favourite tahini pie, or tahini cinnamon rolls. But its also great as an ingredient in savory dishes like falafel or, in this case, burgers. It adds flavor and binds the mixture together. I seasoned them with cumin as it works so well with tahini and plenty of pepper. I served them with –what else?- tahini sauce! Continue reading

Tahini sauce


I am seriously addicted to tahini (and chilli flakes as I stated in the past). Being a Cypriot, I grew up on tahini. Tahini pies, tahini sauce, tahini with honey on bread, I am so grateful that my culinary heritage includes this tasty and healthy, sesame treasure. Tahini sauce is very easy to make and it’s absolutely fantastic with almost anything! I love it with chicken or lamb shawarma, with kebabs, falafel, salads or even plain with some nice, fresh pita bread. Continue reading

Tahini Cinnamon Rolls

tahini cin rolls4.jpg

I have the absolute admiration and respect for any Cypriot man or woman who successfully baked “Tahinopittes” (Cypriot tahini pies). Many years ago, I decided to take up this challenge and figure out, how to make this absolutely delicious pie. I tried for weeks! At the time, my patient and lovely colleagues had to taste my experiments almost everyday and give me valuable feedback. I must say, this was probably the most difficult cooking challenge I took, until today. I don’t know what makes this pie complicated. Maybe it’s the way you fold, twist and stretch the dough in order to achieve the right crunchy sweetness on the outside and creamy yumminess on the inside. Continue reading

Roasted Lemon Chicken with Tahini Sauce

chicken tahini.jpgThere is nothing better than Cyprus lemons. Ok, I’m a Cypriot and maybe not too objective, but if you ever smelled a Cyprus lemon I’m sure you would think the same. Incredibly juicy, unbelievably fragrant (not to mention unwaxed!), everything a lemon should be. My grandmother used to make a fantastic dish called “kotopoulo lemonato”, which is chicken pieces on the bone, braised in lemon juice, broth and lots of garlic. Continue reading