Spare ribs with whiskey barbecue sauce


I can’t imagine a bbq without spare ribs. Maybe I watched too many Clint Eastwood movies as a child, but I always wanted to make a whiskey (or burbon) based bbq sauce. I used it in combination with orange marmelade and it works so well. I always cook the ribs a couple of hours in the oven, covered, and then I throw them on the grill, basting with the sauce. They always come out melt-in-the-mouth, drop-off-the-bone delicious. Continue reading

Lahmajoun – Armenian Flatbreads with Meat

Lahma means meat, ajin means dough. Go figure!
Lahma means meat, ajin means dough. Go figure!

«Lahm» means meat and «ajin» means dough. Not much can go wrong with this combination. Lahmajoun is part of a treasured childhood memory. Whenever my mom brought home these spicy,meaty flatbreads, my sister and I would leap with joy. Years later, my sister and I decided to learn how to make them ourselves. Armenians use mostly beef mince, while Turks use lamb. We used a combination of the two and it worked very well. However the key ingredient to this fantastic dish is sweet red pepper paste. This paste is not very easy to find but its very easy to make. Check out my recipe for red pepper paste if you feel like making some. You don’t have to, if you havent got the time, but this paste adds «magic». While they bake, slice a lot of lemons. As soon as they are out of the oven, let them cool a little, then squeeze some lemon, wrap, eat, repeat. Continue reading