Pizza Star

starpizza1This fantastic dish is based on a short video a friend sent me on how to bake a steak pizza star. It looked so inviting and delicious, I had to recreate it using my favourite pizza toppings. It’s like making a «calzone» only in a more attractive shape. My kids love it and enjoy making it . You can use any ingredient you fancy. In fact, this is a great recipe to be really creative. And because, everybody loves da pizza! Continue reading

Wholemeal Bread

psomi-polysporoThe first time I baked my own bread, I remember all the waiting time. Waiting for the sponge to rise, waiting for the dough to double in size, waiting for it (my face almost stuck on the oven door) to bake and finally waiting (in agony) for the bread to cool. That’s when I got to taste it. And after that, I was sure that this bread, was worth every minute of my time. Continue reading