Grapes and “Commandaria” Cake

grape cake2.jpg

I am fortunate enough to live in a country that produces some of the most amazing grape varieties. When I was little, my parents had a huge vine, which produced the best ever “veriko” grapes. I remember those huge bunches of round purple grapes, so sweet and incredibly crisp. Once in your mouth it’s like a bursting, heavenly, sweet juice ball. Rumour has it that “veriko” takes it’s name from the union of two English words, “very-good”, which were abbreviated by the locals to “veriko”. But another research shows that “veriko”is named after the Italian region whence it came in the 1840s. Continue reading

Dreamy, Creamy Summer Trifle with Peaches, Nectarines and Grapes

trifle with peaches.jpg

“I would like a recipe for a Trifle,” said my friend across the table, amidst the shouts and chatter of about 50 kids, playing at the birthday party. It was almost like a demand as summer calls for creamy desserts and what is creamier and more summery than a fruit trifle. My go-to recipe, one I have developed and made for years, is a strawberry trifle as berries in Cyprus are in abundance during the winter and spring months. So I had to improvise and make one with all the lovely summer fruits, like peaches, plums and grapes. Continue reading