Salmon En Croute (Wellington)

salmon wellington.jpg

Every time I set out to make this recipe, I changed my mind. Always thought it might be too time consuming, fussy and complicated. I was so wrong. This is such a great dish in such a little time. You will have food on the table in one hour including cooking time. You can serve this gorgeous dish at a black-tie dinner or a casual lunch. I actually cooked it for my family on a boring Tuesday. It was the highlight of the day. Continue reading

The Easiest (and absolutely delicious) Strawberry Cream Dessert

strawberry cream 3.jpgShow me one person who doesn’t like strawberries and cream. Ok, maybe there is one out there but not in this household. Spring in Cyprus is like strawberry bliss. They are red, sweet and juicy, an absolute dream. I wanted to honour this delicious fruit with something more than just a dollop of sweetened whipped cream, but something equally easy to prepare; a foolproof dessert you can whip up a few hours before your friends come to dinner. Continue reading