Sea Bream baked in paper with Cherry Tomato Salad

snapper with tomato vinegraite.jpg

For me, grilling fish can be a challenge. Sometimes it dries out, other times it burns on the outside and is still very pink inside, and most of the times it sticks on the grill like Velcro. So when I get my hands on a good piece of fish, I just bake it. First thing I do is salt my fish. I always use sea salt, never processed table salt. I liberally salt both sides then bake. Sea bream is not a really fatty fish so I like to bake it in paper. It retains its’ moisture and bakes beautifully. Make your salad well in advance to allow time for the vinaigrette to marinate the tomatoes and extract their juices. This is a really simple dish, but a great way to enjoy a good fish, and a flavorful salad. Continue reading