Herb and Almond Crusted Swordfish Steaks


When I was little, the only way I knew how to eat swordfish was grilled on skewers, like a fishy “souvlaki”. This meaty fish can dry out so easily, you need to cook it just until it’s done, otherwise you just ruined dinner. I guess that’s the reason cooks put onions, peppers or tomatoes on the skewers to give it extra moisture. I resisted the temptation of cooking swordfish for a long time, just because I couldn’t be bothered with all the focus on the cooking time. But I do like swordfish and if cooked right, it can really become a delicious, healthy, nutritious meal. Continue reading

“Anari” Cheesecake with Almond Crust and Candied Kumquats


“Anari” is the Cypriot version of the Italian Ricotta, only it contains less fat. It’s an excellent ingredient for a cheesecake, lighter that your usual “All Philadelphia” version. Ok, I admit you cannot include this cheesecake in your low-calorie, fat-free diet, but it is considerably lighter. For the crust, I substituted half of the biscuits with ground almonds and they added an excellent flavor and crunch. I topped it with candied kumquats for a really special and original flavour, but you can top it with strawberries or a plain dusting of icing sugar.
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