Vegetarian “Pastitsio”: A rich veggie ragout layered with tube pasta and topped with a creamy béchamel sauce

veggie pastitsio3.jpg

Meatless Monday favorite. The all-time-classic, Greek dish “Pastitsio” gets a vegetarian makeover. Instead of the traditional minced meat filling, a rich and flavorful veggie ragout steals the show. Actually it’s so delicious and tasty I could dive in the pan with a nice piece of crusty bread and wipe it clean. I used eggplants, mushrooms and a sweet, red, bell pepper along with onion and garlic. Continue reading

Nectarine Upside-Down Cake with Pistachios

nectarine upside down3.jpg

This is what happens when you have an overload or nectarines in the fridge, no kids around the house and no mood for rolling a piecrust! THIS heavenly cake. Moist, sweet nectarines on a feathery cake bed, enriched with pistachios. And on top of everything, it looks SO good! A little olive oil in the batter makes the cake softer even when it’s eaten straight out of the fridge. Serve it with a dollop of whipped cream or –even better- a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Divine.nectarine upside down.jpg Continue reading

Broccoli and Pasta Gratin with Crunchy Almond Topping

brocoli and pasta gratin2.jpg

This dish is something between Mac and Cheese and Broccoli Gratin. It’s lighter than the first, richer than the second and absolutely delicious. I’m a real fan of Mac and Cheese but who needs all that fat if you can get away with half of it. This is not exactly “light”, but it does contain far less cheese than your average Mac and Cheese. Plus the addition of such a nutritious and tasty veggie like broccoli, makes me momentarily forget about all the calories. The topping is really the wow factor. Every bite is deliciously creamy but also crunchy and aromatic with the subtle taste of almonds and a hint of lemon.  Continue reading

Roasted Chicken with Rosé Wine and Cherry Tomatoes

chicken with rose.jpg

Roasted chicken must be one of the easiest family meals but, oh so ordinary. Some nice, fruity rosé wine, cherry tomatoes and fresh thyme, transform an ordinary dish into something extraordinary. Butterflying the chicken is really important as it absorbs the flavours better as it bakes and remains unbelievably juicy and crunchy and golden on the outside. But the real star here is the sauce. Continue reading

Thai Noodles with Chicken and Broccoli

thai noodles 3.jpg

I LOVE this! I really don’t know if I’m entitled to call them Thai noodles as I very much doubt this is an authentic Thai dish. Whatever the case, all the great Thai flavors are there; Lemongrass, ginger, chilies, kaffir lime leaves and garlic are blended together to form a delicious, aromatic paste, the heart of this dish. This recipe is very easy to prepare. The most important thing is preparation and having all ingredients within arms reach. Once you get that right, then all you need to do is just throw everything in the wok in the right sequence. Continue reading

Peach and Pistachio Frozen Yogurt


The coolest, easiest dessert. It kind of reminds me of the simplicity of baby food, the kind you throw fresh fruit in a food processor, blend for a few seconds and there you have it; baby fruit puree.

Yogurt, honey and fruit, particularly peaches, remind me of summers in Greece. The best breakfast for me is a bowl of fresh fruit, topped with a dollop of thick Greek yogurt and drizzled with honey. Continue reading