Cold Noodle Salad with Peanut Butter Dressing



There’s nothing like a really cold noodle salad packed with crunchy veggies and flavored with the absolute deliciousness of peanut butter. It so easy to make and you can just improvise and add any veggie you fancy. It’s really great that you can cook something really delicious without frying or sautéing anything. This is a vegetarian version but if you are not, and happen to have some left over roasted chicken, just throw it in. The dressing is really, really delicious. I’m a huge fan of peanut butter and in this recipe it adds so much flavor. Continue reading

Broccoli and Asparagus Pasta Shells with Almond-Parmesan crust


I just love these «Mitsides» pasta shells. My mom always cooks them in the oven, mixed with milk, eggs and halloumi. You bite into them and because of their big size, all the cheesy goodness stuffed in there, just bursts into your mouth. Since it’s officially Spring, I cooked them with broccoli and lovely, bright, fresh asparagus. You can improvise of course. Anything green would be great, like green beans or peas but also prawns would make a lovely addition. Continue reading

“Tsoubabka” – A cross between the Greek Easter bread “Tsoureki” and the brioche-like bread “Babka”


Sounds a bit like food from Star wars only its not. It’s a cross between “Tsoureki”, the traditional Greek Easter bread, and “Babka”, a Polish, chocolate filled brioche-like bread. “Babka” dough is very similar to the Greek “tsoureki” only is contains far less orange flavor and no mastic, a very traditional way of flavouring Tsoureki. At first, I was a bit hesitant to use the mastic, as I thought the combination with chocolate would make it taste more like an alien culinary delight. Continue reading

“Fideuà” my way


This is insane! I’ve wanted to make this dish since I first saw a picture of it on Facebook. A massive paella pan filled with seafood and thin pasta noodles (“fides” for Cypriots). It’s similar to paella, as it is cooked in a paella pan; only it contains pasta instead of rice. The ingredients are usually prawns or crayfish, mussels or clams and fish. I read online that in the Fideuà region of Spain, Gandia, cooks compete once a year as they try to make their best Fideuà. Continue reading