Not Fried Chicken

oven fried chicken.jpg

If only one day, I met the «calorie-and-saturated-fat-eating-fairy», who would tell me «you can eat whatever dish you want and I will eat away all the fatty stuff». With the risk of offending all chocoholics out there, I would choose fried chicken. I think only vegetarians wouldn’t drool over the thought of crunchy pieces of spiced, juicy, fried chicken served in a basket with fresh, lemon wedges. But since I don’t believe in fairies (anymore) I decided to adapt my go-to fried chicken recipe, to a more figure/health conscious version. Continue reading

Pumpkin, Spinach and Ricotta Cannelloni


I have always been intimidated by the thought of filling cannelloni pasta tubes. Growing up in a Cypriot home, I learned that cannelloni is usually a meat filled, rolled up crepe, not pasta. The Cypriot version of cannelloni is what the Italians call “crespelle”.

One fine day, I decided I had to do the right thing, and bake a real cannelloni. I got a pack of perfectly shaped, “Mitsides” cannelloni, prepared my stuffing and bravely confronted my fears. Believe me when I say, it’s so much easier than I thought. To fill the pasta tubes, all you need to do is put your filling in a plastic, food-grade bag, snip the end off and squeeze. Really, it’s that simple. Continue reading

Lemon, Poppy seed, Yogurt cake

lemon poppy cake.jpg

I love a cake with some crunch. A little crunch. Like this lemon cake, baked with these small, black speckles, filling your mouth with the right amount of flavor and “bite”. It’s as if you want something to interrupt the tenderness of a cake, but not too much. Poppy seeds are great in sweets and this cake is no exception. Lemon is the right partner in flavor and yogurt adds moisture and tang. Finish it with a light drizzle of lemon syrup and start texting friends to come over for coffee. Continue reading

“Anari” Cheesecake with Almond Crust and Candied Kumquats


“Anari” is the Cypriot version of the Italian Ricotta, only it contains less fat. It’s an excellent ingredient for a cheesecake, lighter that your usual “All Philadelphia” version. Ok, I admit you cannot include this cheesecake in your low-calorie, fat-free diet, but it is considerably lighter. For the crust, I substituted half of the biscuits with ground almonds and they added an excellent flavor and crunch. I topped it with candied kumquats for a really special and original flavour, but you can top it with strawberries or a plain dusting of icing sugar.
Continue reading

Candied Kumquats in Brandied Syrup


candied kumquats.jpgI call kumquats “treasure”. Maybe it’s the bright orange colour or the heavenly aroma. Or maybe it’s the bittersweet taste as they burst into your mouth and tickle every part of your palate. That’s the reason I leaped with joy, when I came home to find two bags of handpicked, 100% organic kumquats, from a very dear friend’s garden. After eating about 20, I started experimenting with the rest. I left some of them whole, sliced the rest and cooked them in sugar syrup. Then I ate another 20. Continue reading

Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with Prawns


One of my favourite sauces to serve with fish is the catalan sauce «romesco». I fell in love with in during a trip to Barcelona and everytime it lands on my plate, I’m desperately searching for a spoon, to devour it to the last drop. So I decided to turn it into a soup. Roasted tomatoes and sweet red peppers, blanched almonds amd the intense flavour of smoked paprica. What’s not to like about that. This soup gets all it’s delicious creaminess from the ground almonds, without the addition of cream. Serve it with prawns and your guests will be asking for the recipe. Continue reading